How to convert MOD files to MP4 format without quality losing

Now, more and more people use the jvc dv, Panasonic MOD camcorders and Canon MOD camcorders. We all know the things is, they have the same characteristics, that is, the video format is mod .When we take the MOD video into our iPhone4, iPhone and PSP, the problems arose. Because the iPhone and PSP don’t support mod file. JVC itself does not own the converter, so we need a good converter.
As we know, MOD file type can be converted to mpeg, avi, mkv, flv, mp4, wmv or whatever more common. However, most major video editing suites seem to unwillingly accept the MOD format.
Someone successfully made it simply by changing the extension from MOD to MP4. but for most people, they just failed only to find there is no audio after the extension is changed .
With the people who have no ideas, they can stop wasting time and getting pissed off. Now with MOD to MP4 Converter , you can never worry about these problems and enjoy your own videos anywhere, anytime! This excellent MOD Converter tool is not just a converter but also a video editing tool. with the Video Converter , you can enjoy your mod video on many media player, even on portable devices like iPod, PSP, PS3, iPhone, Sansa, Walkman, Xperia, Archos.
You know things will be easier if you take a moment to finish reading the step by step on how to convert mod to mp4 without quality losing.
Step by step guide on how to convert mod files to mp4 format without quality losing?
Preparations: download and install Aiseesoft MOD Video Converter

Step 1: Click “Add File” to import the .Mod files.

Step 2: Select the output format from the “Profile” list.
Surprise: This converter not only supports Mod, Tod, but also MPEG, MPG, MPV, MP4, VOB as the input format, and converts these files to AVI, MP3, AAC, M4A, etc, except MP4.

Step 3: Select the output setting.
Click “Settings” button, you can customize the output parameters, specify output folder and select output format.
Clicking “Browse” button, you can choose the output folder.

Step 4: Click “Convert” button to begin the conversion.
All the tasks of conversion will be finished at fast speed and high output quality.

Editing tips:
You can edit you videos during your previewing.
Tip 1: Trim video
Click “Trim” button, you can split videos by presetting the exact start and end time, or just dragging the slider bar.
When you want to skip those boring directly into the plot of the movie climax, you can use the “Start Time” button and “End Time” button editing your video; also you can be in the start time and end time which enters the exact time to edit your video. Like it?

Tip 2: Watermark video
Click “Watermark” button, you can personalize your video, you can add picture or text watermark with customized transparence, position and other features in your movie.
Select “Enable Watermark”, then you can use this function. In the text column, you can enter the text you want, in the image column, you can import the pictures you want, and you also can edit them, cool?

It’s terrific; of course it also has many other functions, such as crop video, merge files into one, capture highlights, effect and Deinterlacing function. Has so many features, you still afraid of your video will be good enough? Just enjoy your videos.

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