How to transfer files for iPad

How to Transfer Videos/Music and Picture From iPad to PC and PC to iPad

Yesterday, I was submitted to go to China on business. It is really boring, for I have to be alone this time. I want to find something to play to help me killing the boring time on the airplane. At last, an idea occurred to me that I could take my iPad and enjoy videos during the way, so I downloaded some videos from internet and want to put it in my iPad, but unluckily, they won’t, so I need to transfer them to my iPad, and with the transfer process, I need a transfer tool to help me.

But how can I do it, know, I remember one of my friend had one tool like this, So I “borrowed” transfer tool iPad Transfer from my friend and want to transfer them to my iPad. I find this software is very simple to use, several steps to transfer, these videos are transferred from PC to iPad. It let me fondle admiringly. Now the following I will show you how to use iPad Transfer to transfer videos/music/picture?

How to transfer videos/picture/music from iPad to PC?
First, Download — download this iPad Transfer, install and run it on your computer.
Posted Image
Second, connect your iPad to Computer.
Third, import — Open “Music” icon to add muaic Posted Image and open Posted Image to add picture and open “Video” icon to add videos.
Last, Transfer – Click Posted Image to transfer it

Tips: This effect can also be reached by using iPad to PC Transfer.

How to transfer picture/music/video from PC to iPad?
First, Download — download iPad Transfer , install and run it on your computer and connect your iPad with your computer.
Second, Add File – press “File” >> “Add File” to add video/picture/music to the software and choose what you want from them.
Third, Transfer – Click Posted Image to transfer files.

I think this iPad Transfer can help you to transfer your files between your iPad and PC with ease, and you will not lose anything, it will keep the perfect image/sound quality, it will not damage the quality of files, if you want to a combinations tool, you can choose this iPad Transfer Pro software.

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