How to transfer iPad 2 and iPhone 4 music, movies and other important data to PC

I think now iPad 2 is so popular in the world, and many people use it transfer music, movies, photos to iPad 2 to enjoy. Also people transfer iPad 2 music which are downloading from iTunes and online shop, photos to PC for backup. But how it does? Or we say how to transfer them without using iTunes; you know that is not an easy way. So I think professional iPad 2 Transfer tool can do this.

iPad 2 to PC Transfer Ultimate is a professional transfer which is designed for people to transfer your iPad 2 files to PC, but you can not transfer PC files to iPad 2. With this professional iPad 2 files to PC with fast speed and it will not lose or damage your files.

How to use iPad 2 to PC Transfer to transfer photos to PC?
You need to free download it, install and run it on your local disc.

Step 1: Connect iPad 2 to PC with USB cable
Once the program recognizes the device, the device information will be shown in the Content Panel, including the device Name, Type, Capacity, Version, Serial Number, Format and Capacity of the used and available space. The file lists in the iPad 2 will be shown in the Device Panel.

Step 2: Choose the photos you want to transfer to PC
All the image files in PHOTOS node can be shown in the Content Panel in thumbnail. Check the image files that you need to transfer and click Transfer to
begin the transferring.

Step 3: Start to transfer
After you set the output path, click “Transfer” button to start transfer it to PC.

May be someone knows the next generation iPhone, which we call iPhone 5; it will be on the market in the near future. But that is what happened afterwards; let us look at iPhone 4.

The special iPhone 4 to PC Transfer Ultimate is designed for users to
transfer the common files like music, movies, photos, e-books, ringtones to PC, and it also can backup SMS/Contacts/Call list/Voice memos/Camera shot/TV
Shows/Pod cast/iTunes U to PC.

How to transfer iPhone 4 SMS files to PC for backup?
After your download it and install it on your PC, double click the process icon to run it. And you will see the friendly interface:

Step 1: Connect devices.
You need to connect your iPhone 4 to PC by the USB 2.0 cable. And it will auto-detect your iPhone 4.

Step 2: Choose the SMS you want to transfer to PC.
You need to choose the SMS files or the entire SMS folder you want to transfer. And also you can choose other things to transfer from your iPhone 4.

Step 3: Start to transfer.
You need to transfer it by click “Transfer” button. And you can set the path for the output path.

Now I think iPad 2 and iPhone 4 are both the most popular things in the world this year, wish them can help you enjoy your apple devices.

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