iPhone 4 or Droid X: The Battle Rages On

iPhone 4 or Droid X: The Battle Rages On – The iPhone 4 and Droid X are two of the hottest mobile devices on the market today. With the iPhone 4 hitting the market Motorola and Verizon, who do not currently have the iPhone, announced their upcoming Droid releases. By all accounts, the Droid X appears to be a direct competitor to the iPhone 4, which received 600,000 preorders almost immediately after the site went live.
The operating systems on both devices receive a thumbs up from most experts. The iOS4 has garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks, because the update will be rolling out to older iPhone models as well. Google Android has many of the features that were contained in the iOS4 update including multi-tasking and extensive app stores.

Currently, Apple’s app store contains over 200,000 apps, while Android’s app store only contains 70,000 apps. Both phones have excellent displays. While the Droid X may have a bigger screen (4.3 inches vs. the iPhone 4’s 3.5 inch screen) the display is definitely more clear and crisp on the new iPhone. The iPhone 4 will also contain technology that allows the device to be more visible in sunlight and other bright areas.
The processors in both phones are almost exactly the same, as both phones contain a 1GHz chip. 1GHz is actually very fast for the amount of computing that a smart phone is usually asked to do on a daily basis.
The networks are where the phones will stand apart. While AT&T is known for their dropped calls and poor management of the iPhone traffic, they have improved their signal in recent months. The Droid X will be available on the Verizon network, which many consider to be the best network that is currently available.

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