MTS Helper and TS Helper

Part One: MTS introduction and MTS Helper

MTS is a new HD video format, common used in high-definition DV recording of Sony video, the latest Panasonic DMC-ZS3 camera filming video, also MTS’s (self-AVCHD Lite), the H264 video coding usually be used, and it can also be used AVC, audio encoded using AC-3, a resolution of 1920 * 1080 Full HD standard, or 1440 * 1080, is a high-definition to full high-definition standard format, a product to meet the high definition era, it is also a standard format of Blu-ray.

So sometimes, you want to convert MTS files to the popular video formats to view it with your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Xbox, Zune, BlackBerry and other devices. MTS Converter is a good helper to help you do all things. You can change your MTS files to SD even HD video format. With the powerful edit functions like a Video editor, you can merge several files into one, cut one files into several segments, add text and pictures to your videos, etc.

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Part Two: TS introduction and TS Helper

TS is what we say MPEG2_TS , TS is the encapsulated format of the video shot by Japanese Hight definition camera. As we know, MPEG2 of the DVD, we called the MPEG2-PS format, the full name is Program Stream. And TS stands for Transport Stream. MPEG2-PS is mainly used in the stored program and it has a fixed length of time, so if you damage the data or cut several segments, it will leads the entire file can not be decoded. MPEG2_TS is mainly used in real-time transmission of programs, such as real-time broadcasting of TV programs, the Characteristics of MPEG2_TS format video stream is requested from the beginning of any segment are decoded independently.

There are some player software can play MPEG2_TS stream, such as WinDVD 5.x, VLC Media Player, Elecard Player. But if you have other devices, I
think you wish it also supports your TS files. So you need change your TS files to other video format. TS Converter is a perfect TS tool to edit the formats and the files. It allows you to convert your TS files to TS to AVI, MPG, WMV, FLV, SWF, MOV and all the popular video formats for you to enjoy with almost players. In additional, The TS Converter also a TS Editor, You can set video Brightness, video Contrast and video Saturation for output video, get your favorite segment of a video or audio, adjust video play region, etc.

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